Tying into a rope By Daragh O’Connor

Its strange for me as a boulderer to go sport climbing as often as I do. But as long as I get the chance to go climbing I’m happy to be out. Myself, the majority of the Irish team and coaches went out to the south of France last week for 6 days. Everybody on the trip had their goals and me included, had a hope for the trip.

Ever since I started climbing I have enjoyed bouldering but I still like pushing my limits in routes. This trip my eye was on an 8a I had tried once or twice last year.

When I got to France it was nice to get back to a familiar climbing area as I have been going to all sorts of strange places for comps this summer. So when I got down to climbing it felt nice and natural. The first day, we just went out to build up a bit of outdoor route stamina and refresh our brains on how to climb in Buoux.

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