prAna started in the early 90’s in Southern California by a husband and wife team, making stylish yet hard wearing climbing clothing in their garage and selling to just a few destination stores at Red Rocks, Yosemite, Smith Rock and the BD shop in Salt Lake City.  Visiting climbers discovered prAna and took those early products back home with them and the reputation spread across the US, Europe and pretty much everywhere people climb and boulder.

prAna is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning your inner breath, stillness, life energy or vitality which while being found in a Yoga text by the founders, immediately also captured the feeling of stillness, inner peace and calm generated when climbing well, your body in tune with the natural rock and the moves and energy it demands.

Yogis found prAna in around 2000 and quickly realised that many of the styles that gave unrestricted movement for climbing were just perfect for Yoga practice and again the clothing spread across the flourishing Yoga studios of the North America and into Europe and beyond. More recently, additional products have been designed specifically for the various types of Yoga and feature organic cottons, recycled fabrics and high performance moisture wicking blends originally developed for the outdoor market.

While prAna is a worldwide brand now, you’ll find it mainly in our nationwide network of knowledgeable retailers, either climbing or yoga specialists, who can be located using our up to date stockist list.

If you need any further information or details of tracking down a certain prAna item, just get in touch!

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