“Memories are the best thing you’ll ever have” By Jen Wilby

Switzerland 2013

UK -> St Gotthardo -> Chironico -> Cresciano -> Chironico -> St Gotthardo -> Magic Wood -> UK in 3 weeks

Prayer flags in Magic Wood

Memories are a funny thing, each moment passing becoming a memory stored within. We use them to remember good times and bring back nostalgic feelings we wish to re-live. So I guess it’s true; memories are the best thing we will ever have. In September we left for Switzerland for a three week climbing trip and already its a distant memory, a happy one and I have spent the past week day dreaming at my desk, thinking of the road, the woods and the climbing.

We left mega early on the 7th September to head on the Euro tunnel, through France and into Switzerland. Having not left the UK since February, I was more than ready. Ready to leave the stresses of work, the colour coded boundaries and fish bowl feelings behind.

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