Grit O’Clock by Adam Jeeworth

I’ve not been out on the Grit for about a year or so (Longridge doesn’t count). However, the last 2 weekends promoting Metolius Crash Pads, Evolv Crash Pads and Evolv shoes has got me keen as mustard again.  I love the social aspect of bouldering and forgot how comforting it can be for climbers/boulderers to share a challenge.  The challenge being to climb a piece of rock!!

The new range of Crash Pads are fantastic.

The design of the Metolius Boss Hog is brilliant, it is light, easy to carry and prevents injury as there are no more voids/gaps between each section the pad due to the new hinge system.  Get investing in these bad boys as soon as possible.

Ruby Looking after the new pads.

The Metolius Recon Pad and its new 3 tier system offers more service area to land on- always a good thing!!! The design is great for carrying and again the hinged design stops voids/gaps between the mat.  My favourite part of the Pad is that the shoulder straps are padded providing comfort and they don’t get wet or covered in dirt, as they are protected by the closure strap once the mat is on the floor.

It seems that the Grit season is almost up on us, so it’s time to get strong now.

Peace Jee

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