FEELING HOT HOT HOT – By Adam Jeewooth

It’s been a busy 3 months since my last update and a lot has happened since then.

·         The sun is out in Britain and everyone seems happier
·         I have a new job that’s too demanding
·         I’ve been climbing in North Wales
·         Sports Climbing at Malham, Kilnsey and Gordale
·         Done some ticking  in the Peak
·         Obtained a dog from the animal rescue (Ruby Doo)
·         Been diagnosed with asthma
·         Climbed some hard plastic (or not) in the BBC’s

I’m enjoying on-sighting at crags I don’t usually go to and getting mileage in.

However, Kilnsey is dry and so is the line of North Buttress “True North”.  I’ve now had 3 days on “True North” in the last week.  At the moment its feeling desperate, I think due to it being so hot on the small crimps and pinches.  I’m not complaining though as I’m a fair weather climber…due to the heat and my physical ability, I can only have 3 tries per day, then my skin is totally trashed and so is my ego.

I’ve managed to climb the “True North” test piece in two halves.  But this doesn’t mean I’m anywhere near completing the route.  In fact I’d say I’m a way off.  It’s not strength that my problem.  It’s my forearm endurance and ability to hold on. So, the plan is to keep working True North whilst its dry, whilst also keep my hand in at doing easier routes to keep fit and maintain my ability to climb.

See you out and about.


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