Control Your Breathing…Control Your Fear: BlocFest Rocks RCC By Jen Wilby

“So much of our suffering – as individuals is caused by fear and fear is at the very root of our ego”

When using the word “fear” in the climbing environment, most will talk about a fear of physical pain related to hurting themselves, falling off etc. Whilst physical pain is part of climbing (I’ll talk about the pain BlocFest caused my entire body later), there is also a mental pain within climbers, the pain of fear which is common amongst women climbers, although I am sure it’s common within the male climbing community but many won’t admit it and that’s the fear of people watching you climbing, of people judging your climbing.

Whilst this fear is in the mind, it can have huge physical side affects, including:

1) Sweating
2) Rapid heartbeat
3) Weakness

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