George Ullrich

The Indian Face – George Ullrich

Indian Face is the one route which I have always said, ‘I will do that one day’. But I never imagined it to be so soon. James McHaffie asked me if I would belay him on it on Tuesday, this seemed the perfect excuse to go and look at it. Caff had practiced the moves […]

An awesome week on Cloggy – George Ullrich

Previously I have not seen anyone on any of the E7′s and E8 on the pinnacle. It’s cool to see, after a week of pristine weather, three of the E7′s and E8 Margins of the Mind have been climbed. I went up to Cloggy on Tuesday with James Majot and sole intention of climbing Authentic […]

Kids With Guns – Amuri Tepui 5.13a, A3, E6 6c

Over 15 days this February, our team consisting of George Ullrich (UK), Siebe Vanhee (Belgium), Sam Farnsworth (UK), and Mason Earle (USA) successfully weaved an improbable and intricate path directly behind Salto Tuyuren- topping out within a stones throw of where the waterfall burst off the summit. Our best estimate is that the 500 meter […]