FEELING HOT HOT HOT – By Adam Jeewooth

It’s been a busy 3 months since my last update and a lot has happened since then. ·         The sun is out in Britain and everyone seems happier ·         I have a new job that’s too demanding ·         I’ve been climbing in North Wales ·         Sports Climbing at Malham, Kilnsey and Gordale ·         Done some ticking  in the Peak ·         Obtained a […]

The Indian Face – George Ullrich

Indian Face is the one route which I have always said, ‘I will do that one day’. But I never imagined it to be so soon. James McHaffie asked me if I would belay him on it on Tuesday, this seemed the perfect excuse to go and look at it. Caff had practiced the moves […]

7 inches! Enough for any man – Matty Rawlinson

I ripped my tendon in my finger 2 days before my trip to the U.S snowballing in the Peak, this only meant one thing! Go to the U.S with a very bad finger. We (me and my amazing girlfriend Prairie) arrived in one of the biggest ditches in the world, Yosemite. I get stupidly excited […]

An awesome week on Cloggy – George Ullrich

Previously I have not seen anyone on any of the E7′s and E8 on the pinnacle. It’s cool to see, after a week of pristine weather, three of the E7′s and E8 Margins of the Mind have been climbed. I went up to Cloggy on Tuesday with James Majot and sole intention of climbing Authentic […]

Spring Sends – Tom Newberry

Spring shock to start the sport season, or not! Each spring I start to think about getting fit and returning to rope climbing. I never find this easy though, the simplicity of bouldering keeps drawing me back. Which means despite good intentions of the odd day out in March/April it is usually July time until […]

Raven Tor – Tom Bonnert

As the good weather is arriving I have been looking at opportunities to get outside on some real rock. All this training indoors can send someone crazy if they don’t get outside. Train booked and an early start on Sunday I was off down to chesterfield to meet Gracie Martin and Billy Ridal to head […]

Attaching the Metolius Wood Grips Fingerboard to a Pull Up Bar

Due to a request on how I mounted my fingerboard to my pull up bar, I thought it would be easier to post on here how I did it. When I say “I” I clearly mean my better half, me and DIY do not work ! This is a photo of the over all fingerboard, […]

Control Your Breathing…Control Your Fear: BlocFest Rocks RCC By Jen Wilby

“So much of our suffering – as individuals is caused by fear and fear is at the very root of our ego” When using the word “fear” in the climbing environment, most will talk about a fear of physical pain related to hurting themselves, falling off etc. Whilst physical pain is part of climbing (I’ll talk […]

Rain Rain Go Away…by Madeleine Cope

There is nothing like a term spent indoors at university to get you dreaming about crisp winter days bouldering on the gritstone. Unfortunately, those crisp winter days I’d been waiting for have been few (actually I’m not sure there has any!) and far between. After numerous futile attempts to go climbing outdoors I realised that […]

BlocFest takes over the Castle By Jen Wilby

BlocFest takes over the Castle By Jen Wilby

The Castle is a magnificent victorian building towering over the Finsbury Park area of North London and on the 8th December it was host to the 2nd round of the amazing new BlocFest Bouldering Festival. BlocFest is 5 giant bouldering festivals led by world class boulder setters across the South of England, but its not […]