Made in China: Yangshuo – Tom Newberry

A coach, a plane, a minibus and a sleeper bus took us on the 36 hour journey from Exeter to Yangshuo, China. I’m completely blown away. Yangshuo is a very unique place, unlike anywhere I’ve ever been. The city itself is buzzing and has become a booming tourist attraction for Chinese travellers; hotels, touring services […]

The Art of Waiting – Ben Bransby

The narrow snow gully above me ends at a large chockstone, the walls on either side steep and verglas covered. I make the final few steps up towards the chock and then pass underneath, the view suddenly widening to encompass the ice cap stretching in front of me. The other side of the range is […]

A 6 Month Climbing Binge by Tom Newberry

I write this blog on my final rest day, in the dying days of a 6 month climbing binge. Since August last year I have been on a series of spur of the moment trips to all over Europe and Asia. No plans, no ticklists, just climbing, traveling and general bumming around. I vaguely set […]

Wide Open Spaces by Karen Varga

“Anything of importance in a man’s life must take place beneath the open sky” ~ excerpt from the book ‘Game of Thrones’ My body may be back in the UK, but my heart and soul are still at the incredible places that we encountered during our travels, flying free like majestic eagles under the open skies and immense beauty. It […]

Boulder UK by Adam Jeeworth

Well it seems winter is upon us. The rope, quickdraws and harness have now been put in storage for the winter. The van is stacked with bouldering mats and my body is gettin stronger.  This must mean it’s time to Boulder in the UK. Over the last 10 month’s it’s been a struggle to get […]

Tying into a rope By Daragh O’Connor

Its strange for me as a boulderer to go sport climbing as often as I do. But as long as I get the chance to go climbing I’m happy to be out. Myself, the majority of the Irish team and coaches went out to the south of France last week for 6 days. Everybody on […]

“Memories are the best thing you’ll ever have” By Jen Wilby

Switzerland 2013 UK -> St Gotthardo -> Chironico -> Cresciano -> Chironico -> St Gotthardo -> Magic Wood -> UK in 3 weeks Memories are a funny thing, each moment passing becoming a memory stored within. We use them to remember good times and bring back nostalgic feelings we wish to re-live. So I guess […]

Grit O’Clock by Adam Jeeworth

I’ve not been out on the Grit for about a year or so (Longridge doesn’t count). However, the last 2 weekends promoting Metolius Crash Pads, Evolv Crash Pads and Evolv shoes has got me keen as mustard again.  I love the social aspect of bouldering and forgot how comforting it can be for climbers/boulderers to share a […]

Mind Bloggaling - Gill Peet

Mind Bloggaling – Gill Peet

So this is my first blog, hence the title! Now I have some actual sponsorship from Prana and Metolius (big thanks to Beyond Hope!), I thought I would join the rest of the athletes and do my share of blogging to update and hopefully entertain fellow climbers, friends and family!This summer I wanted to get […]

Font Trip August 2013 – Tom Bonnert

Following on from my week of climbing in the peak district, last week saw me head of to Fontainebleau. After a week rest I loaded up the car and drove on down to a friends house near London. We arrived after some dire traffic and stayed there for the night. When I say stayed there […]